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Date: January 12, 2003
Subject: Asch Stunt Proposal
From: Sheila Worth, Talent Coordinator
To: Joseph Silver, Director of Production

This proposed stunt is based on Asch's Conformity Study. Asch's conclusions state that our subject can be influenced over one-third of the time. Of course, armed with our psychological testing profiles, it'll be easier to get the results we seek more often. By using subjects that scored lower in self-esteem and decision-making, we'd most likely achieve the desired outcome even more often.

A contestant will be isolated and told that the other contestants are being given the same task. He or she will then be asked to complete a simple, written test, and told that, based on the answers to the test, one person will have to spend the night in the solitary confinement "rubber room" of the asylum. Naturally, the contestant will assume that the person with the least amount of correct responses will end up in solitary.

After the subject has been given ample time to complete the test, a staff member will enter the room to collect the paper. This staff member will then glance at the test and say, "Hmmm. That's interesting." When the contestant reacts, the staff member will say that he or she just got done collecting the other tests, and noticed that everyone else chose "A" on the last question. The staff member will then give the contestant the opportunity to change his or her answer. If the contestant changes his or her answer to "A", that contestant will be spending the night in solitary confinement.


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