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Date: February 19, 2003
Subject: Asch Stunt Problem
From: Suzanne Lane, Location Manager
To: Joseph Silver, Director of Production

I can't believe this, Joe.

Our Asch stunt contestant was brought to solitary right after the task ended, which was about dusk last night. The idea was to keep him in there until dawn. I locked the door myself and pocketed the key.

Engineering rigged up a night vision camera, so the Control Room could keep an eye on him and get some footage for the show. Sometime around 2:00 a.m., the camera feed apparently blacked out.

They beeped me and asked me to advise. I requested a report as to how our contestant was faring in the room. I was told he was sound asleep just before the feed dropped. I advised them to check the lines & power leading to the room, but not to disturb the contestant under any circumstances. They couldn't enter the room since I had the only key. Engineering could not find the cause of the dropped video, and paged me back for further input.

Since, by this point, there was so little time until daybreak, the contestant seemed okay until the feed went out, and Production already had night the vision footage they needed, I advised the team to do nothing further until the stunt ended.

At first light, I, personally, went with the crew to let the contestant out of solitary. Joe, I can't believe what I found when I opened the door. He was gone. Vanished.

The first thing I suspected was some kind of practical joke, and I asked who had the unathorized duplicate key. No one came forward.

I then organized a massive search of the grounds, both physically and using the monitors in the control room. We turned up nothing.

We haven't mentioned anything to the other contestants, but we may have to question them. I think you need to become involved at this point, Joe. This little joke has already set production back half a day.


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