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Date: January 28, 2003
Subject: Milgram Stunt Accident
From: Sheila Worth, Talent Coordinator
To: Joseph Silver, Director of Production

Oh, shit. We've got another problem here, Joe. It's serious.

We set up the Milgram stunt according to spec. Engineering tested that thing several times. I was there. It worked flawlessly.

We began rolling tape, but there was something we hadn't counted on. Our empathy girl, Melissa, had heard of the experiment. She was a psych minor. (Where was Research on this? No mention of it anywhere!)

So she thinks the volts aren't really going through. She cranks that puppy up instantly, and Matthew lights up like it's the Fourth of July.

Engineering said that whenever they tested the safety switch, it was done incrementally, to recreate how the stunt was supposed to go down; it must've not been "warmed up enough" to handle the high voltage, they said. I don't know enough about this stuff to determine what happened. They kept calling it a kill switch! I made them call it a safety.

Well, thank God Melissa didn't have a visual on what she'd done to Matthew. All she heard was a scream and the equipment noise. All she saw was the crew rush in. We got her away instantly...right back to her quarters.

Jesus, Joe. The kid didn't make it.

What are we gonna do now? On one hand, I'm thinking we shut down production. On the other, I know how much we have invested in this project.

The other contestants don't know what happened. We could go forward. They expect only one person to return from this stunt and the other to be exiled from the property, anyway.

The crew is pretty shaken up. Me, too, actually.

I need your advice, Joe. It's your call. This isn't what I signed up for.


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